Dr. Ram Ramanathan
  • 1964. B.Sc., in Geology (First Class)Annamalai University, India.
  • 1966. M.Sc., in Geology (First Class, First Rank with Distinction, University Gold Medalist) Annamalai University,India.
  • 1975. Ph.D., in Geology, Annamalai University, India (Thesis entitled “Foraminiferal ecology and sedimentology
    of vellor estuary,Porto Novo, India” was incomplete fulfillment for the requirement of the degreeAnd approved
    by three external examiners from Europe).
A.  From: July 1989 To: 2008
Employer: United Nation and Government of Belize.
Title of post: Chief Technical Adviser/ Consultant.

B. From: October 1978 To: July 1984
Employer: United Nations and Government of Belize

C. From: November 1984 to: June 1989
Employer: United Nations and Government of Belize
Title of Post: UN Expert

D. From: June 1971 To: July 1978
Employer: Oil and Natural Gas Commission, India.
Title of Post: Assistant Geologist.

E. From September 1966 To: May 1971
Employer: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and
Annamali university.
Title of Post: junior Research fellow.

  • Accumulated several years of practical experience in areas of petroleum and solid minerals (especially gold, limestone, dolomite, gypsum, clays and granites) resources evaluated.

  • As Manager of the United Nation funded project in Belize, was mainly instrumental in (i) updating the petroleum legislation (Petroleum Act of 1991, petroleum Income Tax Amendment Act of 1991 and petroleum Regulations of 1992) and ( ii ) attracting substantial exploration investment for the country in both petroleum and solid mineral sectors from local as well as international oil and mining companies.

  • Acquired considerable managerial, administrative and technical experience to effectively deal with problems of limited resources of trained personnel and infrastructure facilities which may otherwise impede with the progress of promoting the mineral resources in development countries.

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I have been teaching at both undergraduate and post graduate levels, since 1989. i also delivered invited guest lectures
in various engineering colleges around coimbatore and in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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